The Fibonacci Betting System In Roulette

Known to be a lesser aggressive way of betting in a game of roulette, the Fibonacci Betting system is one betting system that holds a lot of potential for making profits. From the 12th Century, the system has been linked to the contribution of the two mathematicians i.e. Leonardo Bonacci and Liber Abaci. The Fibonacci number sequence thus provided prominent results leading to more developments and becoming a pertinent way of playing roulette game today.

 The Fibonacci Betting System In Roulette

The Fibonacci betting system is a cumulative betting system with the third number being the sum total of the previous two. Therefore the alignment for the first 10 numbers happens to be:

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 45

Fibonacci betting system for a game of roulette

When a player is all set to play a game of roulette, the Fibonacci betting system allows them to make a profit despite the unknown probabilities. For this, the Fibonacci number sequence is taken into consideration. Here the player needs to start with the first bet i.e. wager of 1 unit. After betting the initial bet if the player happens to get a loss, he is supposed to move ahead in the number sequence and bet another amount, in this case, 1 unit again. As the losses keep coming the number sequence goes on.
And when the player wins a bet, he moves two steps back. So if he wins at the 10
th bet i.e. 45 units, he should bet 21 in his next round.

The illustration of Fibonacci Betting System

Taking into consideration the outlined Fibonacci sequence here is a little table showing the illustrated view of bets.

Bet number Unit Win/Loss Total
1 1 Loss -1
2 1 Loss -1
3 2 Loss -2
4 3 Loss -3
5 5 Loss -5
6 8 Loss -8
7 13 Win 13
8 5 Loss -5
9 8 Win 8
10 5 Win 5

Although here the streak of loss has been long, the player shall make good profits and sustain the pressure of the game. It is ultimately about minimisation of the loss and maximisation of the profits.
However, the game could turn into a different scenario had the losing streak continued to be longer. Sometimes the game loss streaks can be very long to make the players bankrupt and leave them with higher bets to lose. These affect the bankroll of the player big time. So until the winning streak arrives, the players turn bankrupt.

Minimising the losses is important

As the loss streaks can be long enough to disrupt the financial positions of the players, it is important to take care while using the Fibonacci betting system. And therefore it is recommended to use the system only until the first 6 or 7 steps of the losing streaks. Further, the person should resort to choosing their own bet amounts and maintain their bankroll. Further ahead, the Fibonacci system can again be adhered to as soon as the winning streaks arrive. It is flexible to certain amounts and lets the player have the benefit of profit making while keeping count of their bankroll.
Keeping into consideration and good and the bad of using the betting system, it can be rightly said that the Fibonacci Number Sequence can fit the player preferences with minimised risks and maximised profitability chances. If a player is determined to play moderately and smartly – they are bound to bring in more profits.

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Posted On: 21/03/2019

The Fibonacci Betting System In Roulette
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