Fascinating Facts about Motörhead

Motörhead was undeniably one of the best rock music band of all time. They had successfully fused heavy metal with thrash metal. They created an own style for themselves and were pioneered thrash metal and speed metal. Ian Fraser Kilmister who was also famously known as Lemmy was the founder and the driving force of the metal band. NetEnt, one of the leading game providers in the casino industry has come up with an online slot game with the same band name. Lemmey’s fan can give a try playing Motörhead slot game online now.

Fascinating Facts about Motörhead
The most tragic news of Motörhead fans came on 28th December 1945 – the death of Lemmy. After his demise, the band ceased to exist. The last member of the main Motörhead team, Fast Eddie died on 10th January 2018. But, still, the songs rule our playlists. Some of the interesting facts about Motörhead are compiled below.

1. The idea of the band name “Motörhead” came to Lemmy from a song when he was a member of the rock band named “Hawkwind”. The word Motörhead is a reference to speed freak or an amphetamine user. Lemmy is also said to have considered a cuss word for the band name and later dropped that idea as it might not get played on BBC’s Top of the Pops.

2. One of the early press releases of Motörhead had bosted that if the band moved next door then “your lawn will die” as the music was too loud.

3. The actual lineup of the rock band is perceived as Lemmy, Fast Eddie, and Philthy. But the first song of Motörhead was recorded by Lemmy with drummer Lucas Fox and guitarist Larry Wallis. As the United Artists Records considered it to be unusable and didn’t release it. After the popularity of Motörhead, it was released as On Parole.

4. Motörhead songs were based on subjects such as good vs bad, war, abuse of power, gambling and so on. The Ace of Spades song which included gambling metaphors was one of the most favourites for the majority of the Lemmy’s fans. There is even an online slot game based on the theme of Motörhead. This game is available here at Red Spins casino and players can enjoy the songs of the rock band during the gameplay.

5. Motörhead has a total of 22 studio albums (23, if On Parole is considered), 13 live albums and several singles, videos, compilation albums and so on.

6. Real leather was used as the cover of the package of the original 2-LP release of 1982’s “Greatest Hits” set No Remorse.

7. The beast that is present in almost all the Motörhead covers and possible merchandise is called as “Snaggletooth” by fans.

8. Lemmy has helped Ozzy Osbourne’s in writing four songs of No More Tears album. He once said that he made more money from the royalties of the four songs than Motörhead songs.

9. A reworked song of the 1992 song You Better Run is used as a soundtrack in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie that was released in 2004.

10. The members of Metallica made a surprise dressed up in wigs and sunglasses as a tribute band called “The Lemmys” at 50th birthday party on Lemmy. The recordings of the performance were released later in Metallica’s Garage Inc album in 1998.

Though the essence of this band was long gone with Lemmy, the songs of the band are unmatched. Even after a long time, lots of people still miss Lemmy.

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Fascinating Facts about Motörhead
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