The Failing Logic Of James Bond’s Winning Roulette Strategy

James Bond is a super-spy and the most popular in the world! The creation of the late English novelist Lan Fleming, Bond aka 007 is a fictional person who since his creation has attracted enormous attention and adulation from all corners of the planet.

The Failing Logic Of James Bond’s Winning Roulette Strategy

Bond was quite the sybarite, loved fast cars and faster women, and was a gambling aficionado. He leaned towards such casino games and Poker and Baccarat and was known for winning at games, even when the odds were against him.

Now, in the Lan Fleming book, Casino Royale, Bond is noted for actually creating a betting system for Roulette games. This Roulette strategy is quite popular nowadays and is called the James Bond System. 

As to the question of whether the strategy works in real life when playing Roulette games rather than on just the silver screen, this article will provide you with the answer.

The James Bond Roulette Strategy in Action

Gamblers using the James Bond system are required to wager the same on all rounds. As such, this Roulette strategy can be called a flat betting system. It is also possible to use a progressive betting system, though that is not for the fainthearted.

Let’s say, during Roulette gameplay, the ever-charming Mr Bond makes the following bets:

  • ₤14 on numbers 19-36
  • ₤5 on the following line bets 13-14-15-16-17-18
  • ₤ on 0.

By making such a bet, better winning chances are ostensibly assured, since 25 numbers can win, while 12 might lose. The possible gameplay outcomes on the above bets are as follows:

  • ₤8 is won when the ball stops at 19-36
  • ₤10 is won when the ball hits 13-18
  • ₤16 is won if the ball hits 0
  • ₤20 is lost if the ball hits 1-12

Going by the above, the odds are now firmly in the player’s favour, right? Well, em wrong!

The House Edge Wins Once Again!

The James Bond Roulette strategy while good at what it does actually cannot surmount the inbuilt house edge in Roulette. With the house edge in place, there is no way the casino can lose in the long term.

This can be proved via an experiment in which the wheel is spun up 37 times and all possible numbers hit at least once. With the James Bond Roulette strategy in place, bettors are assured of losing ₤20 on every 37 spins over the long term.

So, no matter how lucky players might be feeling, using the James Bond Roulette strategy will lead to losses in the long term. While this fact is not proclaimed on screen, this might be because Mr Bond has a magic trick up his sleeve that he is not yet ready to show off!

Is Progressive Betting What It Takes to Win?

With long term losses assured when using the James Bond system, some folks might opt to adopt progressive betting in the hopes that it will lead to long term wins. While this might look dashing, it is not recommended.

By using progressive betting systems, players can quickly find themselves running through their bankroll and betting the equivalent of a king’s ransom per wager. Betting progressive also creates another headache. The potential wins can be so small which can fail to cover losses accrued so far. More, utilising progressive betting systems might mean going over the table limits.

With all the above, should bettors still insist on using a progressive betting system and burning through their money, either the Fibonacci or Martingale should serve well enough.

The Perfectly Flawed James Bond System

The James Bond Roulette strategy is a system that does seem cooler than cool. However, the only cool thing it seems able to assure is sure losses! With the house edge firmly in the casino’s favour, there is simply no way for bettors using the James Bond system to make money over the long term.

As a result of the above, bettors would be well advised to use the James Bond Roulette strategy with caution. Or better still to leave it to the fictional Mr Bond, since he seems to be the only one who can pull off consistent wins with his system!

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 10/09/2019

The Failing Logic Of James Bond’s Winning Roulette Strategy
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