Interesting Online Casino Facts

The online casino world is an ever-evolving, innovative and technologically aware entity that still has the best years of its life ahead of it. With that in view, here are some interesting online casino facts listed for your understanding.

Interesting Online Casino Facts

Below, Red Spins has provided a number of facts on online casinos:

1. Microgaming Leads The Way- The very first online casino was established by gaming giant Microgaming in 1994. It went by the name of The Gaming Club and opened for business only a trio of years after the internet became mainstream. A first, only a few basic games were all that could be played.
2. Microgaming Blows It Away- The very first mobile casino was launched in 2004, by you guessed it, Microgaming.
3. A Righteous King’s Fortune- The biggest win in the casino online history was by a Finnish man who scooped up nearly 18 million euros. This mega win was the fruit of just 30 minutes playing on a gambling website known as the PAF.
4. It’s A Man’s World- The menfolk makeup around 84% of all gamblers and is the chief players in any casino online.
5. Totally Devilish- Back in the days, quite a few people were of the opinion that Roulette was the devil’s game. This was due to the fact that all the numbers on the roulette wheel amounted to 666. Now, that’s downright devilish!
6. Banned And Delivered- For gambling addicts when all options have been exhausted, they can opt to self-ban themselves from most online casinos.
7. Online Casinos Rule- Online casinos are totally eclipsing their brick and mortar counterparts. At present, around 90% of gamblers play online slots, while a measly 10% play it in a traditional casino.
8. Speed And Action- Monte Carlo is a paradise for rich folks and the scene of an annual Formula 1 race. It also hosts a massive casino at which residents are forbidden to gamble. They can, however, gamble all they like on any online casino.
9. Blokes Love Gambling- According to Gambling Commission, billions of pounds are generated by the Gambling Industry in Britain. That’s really serious money.
10. Poke It In- Planet Poker came into existence back in 1998 and was the very first online poker site.
11. Card It, Chum- Card games are presently some of the most popular and ubiquitous casino games on the globe and are played with standard decks of cards.
12. Not Again- Back in 1994, Microgaming launched the very first online game with a progressive jackpot.
13. Play With Tech- The concept of live casino games was actualized and introduced into the market by Playtech. They are now the numero uno in the provision of online gambling software.
14. Going It Alone- Most online casinos have no connection to traditional ones. However, this scenario is changing as traditional casinos start up their own online casinos.
15. Slots Rule- Slots are the most popular online casino games in existence and come in forms and themes so varied that no supercomputer could list them all!
16. Record It Now- On October 6, 2015, a lucky young man by the name of John Heywood had his exploits recorded in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Reason- he won a jackpot from an online slot that paid out ₤13.2 million.
17. Free Play It Is- Some slot and table games in an casino can be played for free in a demo mode.
18. Perpetual Fun- The Roulette wheel actually owed its existence to a French inventor’s attempt to invent the perpetual motion machine.
19. Serious Gambling Business- According to verifiable statistics, the active gamblers in online casinos worldwide comprise an astonishing 11% of all internet users on the globe.
20. Mobile Your Fun- The results of a survey performed by the all-important Gambling Commission shows that the percentage of people using mobile devices to gamble had a year on year increase of 10% from 2015 to the present.
21. RNG Rocks- Most online casino games have their outcome determined by a nifty software that’s known as the Random Number Generator. This software ensures a totally random outcome for all online casino games.

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Interesting Online Casino Facts
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