Slots Paylines; How They Have Evolved

For a long time, slot machines have easily been one of the most-played if not the most popular casino games around. This is due to the creativity used in building their themes, ease of play, and simplicity, as well as the sounds and the flashing lights they are decorated with.

The physical slot machine of yesteryears found in traditional casinos has been replaced by the online slot version with improved graphics and lots more. This has mostly made online casinos more popular and successful, at the expense of their brick-and-mortar cousins.

Slot machines have indeed evolved from the clunky affairs they previously were too slick works of art that delight all who gaze upon them. As to how this evolution came about, read on and find out.

Slots Paylines; How They Have Evolved

The Composition Of Slot Machines

Both online and traditional slot machines are essentially the same. They both come with displays showing the balance, paytable, display box, bets per line, reels, maximum bets, paylines, and a spin/play button/lever.

  • Balance– Refers to how much funds players have in their casino account
  • Display Box- this shows wins when they occur
  • Paytable– this shows how much players can win on the paylines
  • Reels– this shows the featured icons and spins
  • Bets Per Line– refers to how much that can be wagered per line during the following spin
  • Number Of Paylines– refers to the paylines a particular slot comes with
  • Maximum Bet– refers to the number of featured lines x the bet per line
  • Play/spin Button Or Lever– this is clicked/pulled to start the game

Slot Paylines

This is a combination of icons that form a win in a slot machine and is also called the winning or betting line. The first slots had a single payline, with wins being recorded when a trio of matching icons are landed horizontally.

A peek at the paytable shows the paylines and in most slots of the present day, wins can be formed in any desired direction. Also, In some slots, the number of paylines in use can be adjusted by the user.

Multi-line Paylines

Multi-line slot machines were first introduced during the 1990s. These had multiple paylines and improved winning chances. Slot machines have a rich history that’s much more colourful and interesting. They have tremendously evolved from their earlier relatively primitive origins and are now the best form of entertainment for those looking to get spoiled beyond imagination.

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History Of The First Slot Machine

Sometime in the years between 1885 and 1897, the very first mechanical slot machine made an appearance, courtesy of Charles Fey, who was a car mechanic. This slot had 4 icons arraigned on 3 reels and was referred to as the Liberty Bell. To get their hands on the highest payout -around 10 nickles- players needed to line up a trio of bells. This slot machine was actually invented by Fey in order to keep his customers from getting all antsy, as their cars were being repaired.

Poker Gambling Machine

In 1891, the duo of Sittman & Pitt invented the first poker gambling machine. This shared some external similarities with Fey’s slot machine, with players being obliged to form poker hands in order to get prizes like cigars and drinks.

Electromechanical Slot Machines

This was produced in 1964 by Bally Machines and was called the Money Honey. It was a major improvement on what was then obtainable, used electronics rather than springs and debuted flashing lights, sounds and the betting of multiple coins.

Video Slots

Video slots debuted in the 1970’s and had a video screen on which players could spoil their eyes silly! The first video slot was called the Fortune Coin and was made by Walt Fraley.

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Posted On: 25/10/2018

Slots Paylines; How They Have Evolved
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