Components of the Roulette Wheel – Brief Explanation

History has it that almost all the Roulette wheel that existed in casinos was handcrafted by renowned masters. Therefore they were attempted to be perfect in every sphere. But now the magnitude of the business has developed making it impossible for handcrafting. The masters of Roulette designs Tramble, Benteler, Wills etc have taken a retirement too. Paul Tramble was the last craftsman who crafted US Roulette in 1996 whose business was taken over by Bud Jones (a gaming supplier).

Components of the Roulette Wheel – Brief Explanation
The practice of designing Roulette wheel has shifted to importing from the European suppliers prominent amongst names is John Huxley. The wheels manufactured here are primarily designed with a double zero feature and an American number sequence to appeal to the US market. But the hindrance to design is that the ball tracks are in European style creating an obstruction for the players.

As the Roulette wheels are subject to design and manufacturing vulnerabilities it is important for players to know about them before starting their game. It helps them save their money from losing it all.

Bowl and Wheelhead

The wheels are made of two components – the wheelhead (center piece) and a Bowl (external housing piece). A bowl is typically 32 inches in diameter and is meant to rotate. It has components like the wooden panel, ball track, spindle and low ball tracks. A spindle supports the central rotating pieces.

With a diameter of 20 inches, the wheelhead resets itself inside the bowl. It is fit with either a upper and lower bearing or a needle bearing based on the design. The outer edge has the numbers and the ball sockets and the lower edge is called a cone because it has an upward slope to prevent ball holding. The height adjustment happens with the help of a turret which is located at the center of the cone. The height adjustment stands crucial here as if the outer edge of the wheel becomes too high the ball might just not drop on the lower edge to let the play continue.

Ball Track

A ball track is actually the track where the ball spins before settling on a deflector. It is important because it influences the prediction technique for the players. In the past, the American Roulette tables have ball tracks made of track lips where the balls would roll until they slowed down. It made a track where the fast spins would occur. Soon when the speed would lower down the ball would shift from the lip and hop on a couple of ball deflectors before landing on a ball pocket. Thus helped players predict the number it would land on.

But the new ball tracks don’t have a ball track lip which reduces 90% prediction chance for the players. The newer versions have no lip thus making the ball swing, jump and stroll around until settling adversely into a ball pocket. Here the speed lets the ball swing easily but as it lowers down the player gets no idea of where it shall land. It might end up by bumping into a few ball deflectors or just stop right away!


The frets are the pocket separators on the Roulette wheel. These are made of non-magnetic materials like aluminium, brass etc. Magnetized frets would let the wheel be rigged by a magnet to land on particular numbers. And so these are designed with a non-magnetic individual design that can be adjusted from the underside.

The wheels are of high profile or low profile based on the frets. The low profile frets have a low separation of pockets with shallow space for the balls to land. Here the randomness is improved giving chance to the ball to settle after a few jumps. Some Roulette wheels have pre-designed frets in the form of a ring where the height, width and pockets are pre-adjusted to bring about no biases in the game.

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Posted On: 21/02/2019

Components of the Roulette Wheel – Brief Explanation
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