Casino Fibonacci System – Explained

When it comes to casino gaming, there’s always an element of risk attached to the thrill and fun of gambling. While there are several strategies that brief on the possibilities of increasing your chances of winning, some tactics may appear a little odd but can be useful in getting you some big wins. The Casino Fibonacci System is one such method that you can try the next time you gamble at your favourite casino.

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What is the Casino Fibonacci System?

Explicated as a sequence, this system was introduced by Italian Leonardo who was known as Fibonacci and sometimes as the Leonardo of Pisa. His derivations were published in the early 13th Century in the book Liber Abaci (translated as “The Book of Calculations” in English). According to Fibonacci, a certain sequence of number that starts with zero and then one makes a series where each following number is the sum of the previous two numbers. This sequence can follow infinitely and plays a substantial role in mathematics.

Now, if you are wondering as to how it is relevant to casino gaming. Here’s how. In most casinos, whether at brick-and-mortar or online casinos, the Fibonacci System is used to place even money bets. Most commonly used in table games, it is prominently used in the game of Roulette where players use this sequential calculation to stake on the outside bets such as on red or black or odd or even. Also, used by Craps enthusiasts, it is applied on the pass or doesn’t pass wagers. Many players make use of this strategy in card games such as Blackjack and Baccarat as well.

However, in the Casino Fibonacci System, the first zero is ignored and the player using the strategy needs to either memorize the sequence or scribble it somewhere.

How to use the Casino Fibonacci System?

Now that you know what the strategy looks like, there are certain important rules that you may need to follow when putting this system into practice. Primarily, you must be clear about the amount you are willing to stake per unit on your game. Experts recommend starting with a smaller amount keeping in mind the total amount that you will have to gamble through the game.

The other significant considerations to be made when applying the Casino Fibonacci System as follows:

  • Begin with a single betting unit: this rule suggests players to start betting with one unit as in the Fibonacci series the number after zero is one.
  • If you lose a wager, move to the subsequent number in the sequence for calculating the required bet. This means that if you’ve lost the first wager, move to the second number one in the series. This gives you the number of betting units you should stake for your second wager. If you happen to lose this one too, the system recommends you to move to the next number in the sequence. At this point, you stake two units as the number is 2. This process is to be applied after every loss you make in your game.
  • The third rule says that you must move down the sequence after you win. For instance, if you have a winning wager, you should go back in the sequence by two numbers. However, note that this rule comes with a couple of exceptions. One is to start at the beginning in case you haven’t progressed by at least two numbers in the sequence. The second one is to begin from the scratch if at any instance your game appears profitable for a cycle.

Is the Casino Fibonacci Rule workable?

If you have been thinking on the same lines, perhaps you are not the only one. This strategy may not exactly enhance your overall winning opportunities, but it can boost your bankroll at least in the short term. If you manage to avoid a losing streak for long, there are chances you could sustain for a longer period. However, the negative progression could be a challenge in the long run as players could get trapped into a long losing streak with the stakes going too high. The table games at your casino come with a betting range. It’s likely that despite your two- steps back approach upon winning and one-step forward when losing could push the stakes as high to touch the maximum betting limits allowed at the game table.

Applying any strategy comes with a test and trial period. If you are just beginning to get a hang of your choicest table game, you could always begin with lower stakes and play within the limit. Many online casinos offer a demo of the games for free for players to understand the features and a general understanding. It’s advisable to start slow until you feel confident to play like a seasoned player as these strategies could come in handy with experience.

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Casino Fibonacci System – Explained
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