Can Edge Sorting Be Used to Win in Casino Gaming?

Edge sorting is one of the popular playing card techniques in casino gaming. It is especially used by the individuals who are looking for an advantage play. Basically, this tactic involves observing any type of irregularity on the playing card’s cut patterns on the back end of the card. The pattern of the playing card is normally similar to each other. But sometimes, there are certain visible irregularities that the professional and clever players use for their advantage.

Can Edge Sorting Be Used to Win in Casino Gaming?

If the players recognise this card with irregularities at either its backside or the cut pattern, it won’t take them long to find out which card it is. Once they know the value of the certain cards, they can use it for adjusting their bets i.e. either placing the big bets or reducing their bet amount (depending on what benefits them).

What Is Edge Sorting in Casino Gaming?

As mentioned above, edge sorting is one of the smartest casino gaming techniques that help players identify the value of a specific group of cards. They use this knowledge to get an edge over the dealer or the other players. To put in the simplest terms, this technique let casino players take advantage of the card manufacturer’s fault.

It is worth noting that edge sorting is not a casual technique. In fact, many casino gamers have made millions by edge sorting the cards. You can find this technique extensively used in different casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, Mississippi stud, Caribbean stud, and a lot more. If you are familiar with casino history, you might have heard of the Gemaco. Well, Gemaco is the famous car manufacturer whose cards were considered flawed. Using these cards, the gamblers were able to identify the card value of the flawed card and could make a considerable amount of money using edge sorting. Unlike other advantage playing card techniques, edge sorting is one of the easiest ones. This is, in fact, the best tactic for professional and beginner players. You don’t have to learn anything, instead, a smart mind and a strong eye are all that you need to figure the value of the specific group of cards.

When Does Edge Sorting Work?

Edge sorting may seem the easiest technique for advantage players in casino gaming. However, there are certain things the players need in order to edge sort the cards properly.

  1. The most important condition is the presence of the asymmetrical pattern on the back end of the playing cards.
  2. The technique ‘edge sorting’ is only possible when the players get a chance to have a look at the backside of the card. If you can’t view the back of the card before making the bet decision, there is no way you can edge sort the cards.
  3. Another important factor for edge sorting is the consistency of the game. This technique is possible in casino gaming but only in the games where there is a fixed process for playing. These procedures must be so constant that even when the players hand over the cards to the dealer after the first round, the edges remain unchanged and can be identified in the next round too.
  4. Card shuffling does not affect this technique as long as the shuffling does not include a 180-degree turn. If there is a 180 degree in card shuffling, the entire card pattern changes and edge-sorting becomes impossible.
  5. Apart from the dealer and players presence on the table, no one must be allowed to disturb the sort of playing cards.
  6. One of the most crucial factors is that the on-site, players, dealer, and all other people on duty at the casino must not be aware of this casino gaming technique.

It is important to note that edge sorting is an illegal activity. Though people often confuse the edge-sorting method with the card-making process, both are different. People who edge sort the cards do not make cards. However, they do take advantage of flawed cards in casino gaming.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 21/08/2019

Can Edge Sorting Be Used to Win in Casino Gaming?
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