Baccarat Trends For Online & Live Baccarat

There is nothing like a Live Baccarat game. The excitement of joining in on a live Baccarat table and standing or sitting as the case may be, toe-to-toe with the live dealer while contemplating a winning strategy is a real trip.

In truth, players know that the bets they place will not always be successful. That is why having one or two Aces up their sleeve by way of Baccarat strategies, will be the best way to gain an advantage and improve their odds of winning more than they lose.

Baccarat Trends For Online & Live Baccarat
In order to be able to win more than you lose in a Baccarat game. Players need to ensure that their respective betting decisions are in sync with the “shoe trend” that is brewing and unfolding before their eyes. There are four major “shoe trends”. Players have to first and foremost familiarise themselves with what these “shoe trends” are all about before deciding on which of the “shoe trends” to utilise. However, it all starts with the process of betting which has to be consistently implemented in the right way for a favourable outcome to be achieved more often than not.

By being able to analyse a Live Baccarat “shoe trend” from the get-go, you will greatly enhance your chances of winning a baccarat live game. Players can quite easily predict a “shoe trend” that is relatively dominant. The prediction is usually based on the outcomes of previous Baccarat game rounds which form a pattern that players can somewhat rely on for a prediction of subsequent outcomes. The patterns formed after a series of Baccarat game rounds could take up a number of forms and trends. You can check out the commonly formed “shoe trends” below;

The first “shoe trend” is known as the “Zigzag Trend”.

The Zig Zag Shoe Trend

Here the outcomes of previous Live Baccarat game rounds take up a Zigzag pattern where you have a certain run of Banker wins, then a run of Player victories and vice-versa. The winning runs are short-lived and can never really be put in the category of a “winning streak” for either party in the baccarat game.

The second “shoe trend” refers to the “Banker and Player Streaks”.

Live Baccarat Banker And Player Winning Streaks

In this “shoe trend”, you can have a series outcomes in a Live Baccarat game consisting of a winning run or winning streak for either the Banker or Player. While you may have instances where a Zigzag pattern develops in a streak, it may not be enough to discount a run as a Banker or Player streak.

The third “shoe trend” actually involves anticipating a sudden switch in a trend and betting accordingly.

Switch A Trend Strategy

Imagine having a Banker streak trend, then based on this trend, you place a Banker bet and the outcome is a Player win. Sad eh! This example just highlights the uncertainty of outcomes that you have no control over. You could adopt a strategy of betting small on a switch in trend. By betting small, you are engaging in wise money management and not taking too much risks. If you follow a trend and because you are extremely confident that the trend will continue, you place an enormous bet. You are taking a high risk that could result in failure, disappointment and regret.

Finally, there is a “shoe trend” that is so inconsistent that to an untrained eye would seem like no trend is formed. However, an experienced Live Baccarat player would actually see the trend in the inconsistency. Some experts call this a “hovering shoe trend”, as the pattern is neither here (a zigzag) nor there (a Banker or Player streak).

Where there is a “hovering trend” developing, you could do one of two things. You can decide to bet low or you can decide not to bet and simply wait it out. You can observe if a more steady trend eventually develops or move to another baccarat table with a more identifiable trend.

You should note that while having this knowledge of previous outcomes and using it to decide on which bet to place is a good strategy in a Live Baccarat game. You should equally note that it is not always a sure-Banker strategy to adopt and could result in losses as well wins.

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Posted On: 28/02/2019

Baccarat Trends For Online & Live Baccarat
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