Are Scratch Cards Really Here To Stay?

Scratch cards have been around in one form or the other since the 70s. They take no brain matter to play, with wins and losses being totally dependant on the whims and caprices of Lady Luck.

However, in this increasingly fast-paced world with endless evolutions going on in the world of tech and all-around entertainment, is the simple scratch card capable of surviving and retaining the affections of players everywhere? Read on if you want to see this question answered.

Are Scratch Cards Really Here To Stay?

Scratch Cards- A New Way To Have Serious Fun

Unlike most other table or casino games that count their ages in the hundreds of years, scratch cards are actually a rather recent invention. They were originally introduced to the US back in 1974 and quickly became widely popular. In March 1995, the UK got its taste of the scratch card fever with the launch of the first scratchcards there.

Scratchcards have enormous appeal due to a number of cogent reasons. For one, they are a very low-cost means of getting ahold of fortunes. Normally, they cost from ₤1 to 10, and while the odds of winning are daunting, they are still reasonable.

Recently, a housewife by the name of Grace Walker walked away with a jackpot of ₤1 million after buying a scratch card for ₤5 and scratching it to reveal the hidden value. Incidentally, Walker is known to be something of a scratch cards fanatic and had spent around ₤16,000 over a 2 year period indulging in her obsession with scratchcards.

Scratchcards are a low-risk means of feeding the gambling demons. It also offers an escape from a humdrum life and lets bettors fantasize all they like about hitting it big and living the dream.

Still, with the sinful, abundance of mobile/online games with all the eye-candy graphics that the eyes can bear, do scratchcards still have a role to play? Or are they outdated and outclassed and should be mercifully done away with?

The Role Of ScratchCards

The world is increasingly a virtual one, and it is possible for nearly everything to be done online at the expense of real life. While living a virtual life has lots of perks, retaining a physical hold on life is important and highly pleasing. Thus, the act of dragging a mouse cursor on a computer screen in order to scratch a card cannot compare with the physical joy of holding an actual card and scratching off the foil with anything handy.

Additionally, around 10% of British adults living in the UK lack credit cards. This means that online play is impossible for such people. Physical scratchcards thus offer them a means of catching fun that would be otherwise denied them.

As well, playing scratch cards online makes it harder to control oneself. Players can convince themselves into borrowing endless sums of money on their credit cards in order to play “just one more time” and end up losing horrendous amounts. On the other hand, self-control is easier when playing physical scratchcards, as all players have to do is convince themselves not to reach for their wallets.

Also, due to some reasons, some of which are listed above, the popularity of physical scratch cards appear to be growing in the UK and they are currently among the most popular lottery game. Such growth signifies their continued relevance regardless of other developments in the gambling sector.

Last but not least, the National Lottery Commission allocates 28% of its profits to a number of good causes. This wouldn’t be possible if no one was playing scratch cards.

So, when next you pick up a card, remember that apart from hopefully striking it rich you might also be indirectly aiding a number of good causes. Who knows, that might cause Lady Luck to show you some favour!

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Posted On: 15/11/2018

Are Scratch Cards Really Here To Stay?
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