All about the Reload Bonuses

The best thing about casinos is that there is never an end to happy surprises. Earlier, only the new players were provided with the joy of exciting bonus offers, popularly known as the welcome bonus. Nowadays, many casinos award their loyal customers with what they call as reload bonus. Player avail these bonus offers after they have successfully made one or more deposits already. 

All about the Reload Bonuses

What Is a Reload Bonus?

The existing customers of a casino are rewarded for their “loyalty” by the means of special bonus offers once in a while. These offers are provided at a lower percentage than the welcome bonus and to the existing customers only. Generally, the percentage ranges from 50-150%, depending on the casino with most of the casinos keeping the percentage close to 80%.

Earlier, this bonus was formed as a successive part of the welcome bonus. But now it has evolved to a bigger scale and caters to more customers than ever. Just like any other deposit bonus offer, a reload bonus lets a player claim some fraction of his/her deposits as a bonus reward. This is a smart approach to keep the players happy and satisfied.

Rules to Avail the Reload Bonus

Only the existing players who have previously made deposits already are eligible for this offer. It works in the same manner as a deposit bonus. Upon making a deposit, some percent of it, depending on the casino policies can be claimed as a bonus. Sometimes, free spins can also be claimed instead of/ in addition to cash rewards.

Terms and Conditions

Every bonus has some regulations, terms, and conditions on it that is subject to change from casino to casino. Hence, it is recommended to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up with any casino to ensure that you understand its bonus policies completely.

What Does a Reload Bonus Offer?

This entirely depends on the casino that you’ve signed up with. Usually, these bonuses offer a cash reward of 50-100% of your deposit. Some generous casinos offer up to 150% of cash reward but again, the frequency of these offers is lower than usual on such casinos. Other than a cash bonus, free spins are also awarded that can be used almost immediately after making the deposit.

How Can It Be Used?

The cash bonus awarded to the players can never be withdrawn. It can only be used for playing games without having to make more deposits. Once, a reload bonus is claimed, a certain percentage of your deposits will be credited to your gambling account. This money can be used to play any games that you wish.

However, the free spins awarded alongside cash bonus might or might not be eligible to use at any slot games. Generally, the casinos offer a certain amount of free spins as part of the bonus that can be used on certain slot games over a certain period of time. It all comes down to the casino policies which decides how the bonuses can be used.

Final Thoughts

However, the reload bonus does not award very handsome cash or a lot of free spins but still, it is good to see something extra every now and then in your account. Some casinos are more generous than others with their bonus offers depending on their size and also the frequency of activating these offers. 

Usually, these bonuses are provided weekly or bi-monthly. Players should be attentive to all the new updates from casinos as on special occasions like St. Patricks Day or launch of any new game, promotional bonuses offered. Currently, not many casinos offer such offers. It is highly recommended to read the bonus policies before signing up with any of the gambling websites.

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Author: Richard

Posted On: 09/07/2019

All about the Reload Bonuses
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